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Through practical, enjoyable & highly personalized coaching, we create a safe environment for your relationship to be enriched and revitalized. reach a new, satisfying level of long-term happiness and deep fulfillmenT for both of you.


Mark and Gail Smallcombe are highly aware of what it takes for couples to achieve their dreams & desires for a happy, joyful and deeply satisfying relationship. For 43 years, they have enjoyed a loving and richly fulfilling marriage. With a passion to see marriages & relationships thrive, they have immersed themselves in training and coaching couples for over 25 years. 


By creating a warm environment with interactive and personalized sessions, Mark & Gail equip couples with skills and insights that build fulfilling ways of relating with love. They help couples gain a deeper understanding and respect for each other, creating an atmosphere in which their relationship can thrive. They help couples prepare for an upcoming marriage and help couples grow their marriage to new levels of harmony, health and vitality.


Mark & Gail's sweet spot is setting couples up for success; helping good marriages become great marriages; helping conflicted relationships become healthy and harmonious; and helping devitalized relationships regain passion and renewed hope.


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Mark & Gail Smallcombe


We endeavor in all our coaching to be ‘sensitive and affirming,’ respecting each person’s background And belief system while seeking to help bring wisdom and breakthrough. We enter each coaching session prepared to bring real answers to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas of a couples life and relationship

  • Holistic and empowering with practical take-home skills and relationship tools
  • Conversational rather than clinical 
  • Interactive ‘Listen & Response’ techniques
  • Supportive, non-judgmental, unbiased
  • Action and results orientation with step by step reinforcement
  • Goal to develop “Oneness” as a couple 
  • Coaching is Process Driven, not Content Driven. (We make sure the process of resolution and growth moves forward without getting bogged down in the “he said / she said” details and content







Eddie & Diana

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Great marriages don’t just happen. They are a result of a consistent investment of time, love, thoughtfulness, understanding & commitment. We feel so very blessed & thankful to be coached by Mark & Gail!
— Mark & Amanda
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We wanted to build a stronger foundation for our relationship and upcoming marriage so we decided to seek out Mark and Gail Smallcombe for pre-marital coaching. They led us through two awesome questionnaires... (Enneagram and Prepare/Enrich), which helped us understand our individual personality and the areas of growth needed in our relationship. As we met to discuss the areas of strength and the areas in which we needed to grow, Mark and Gail expertly gave us the tools needed in our relationship to help improve our communication style and help us see our differences as strengths to compliment each other. We also had the wonderful delight of having Mark officiating our wedding unique to our love story and our personalities and he did this with great warmth and humor.
— Alfred & Luzille
Mark and Gail Smallcombe have a real talent for marriage counseling and therapy. We have had the privilege of participating in a number of coaching sessions with them, and we’ve noticed significant improvements in our marriage. For example, we experienced a greater sense of oneness with each other and with our faith. We were guided to recognize unhealthy thought processes and behavioral patterns in our marriage that were preventing us from achieving greater harmony and unity. We learned to listen to and understand each other, and better understood how to communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other with a constructive and healthy approach. Further, Mark and Gail introduced personalized practical tools and a framework for dealing with the challenges we faced. We have learned to love each other in a much deeper way. Thank you Mark and Gail!
— Stephan & Haley
Going through premarital counseling with Mark and Gail Smallcombe was the best thing we could have done for our marriage. Every time we left a session we felt empowered and encouraged. We always felt that the sessions were designed specifically for us. Mark and Gail provide such a joyful and nonjudgmental atmosphere. We loved Mark and Gail’s couple-based perspective in which they asked us more questions, rather than giving us a clinical talk or guidance. They truly have away to gracefully help you (the individual) self- examine who you are in the context of your relationship; how your differences in backgrounds can actually help to complement your partner. Something that we learned so much was about how to communicate to each other when conflict would occur. One of us
would want to address it then and now and the other would want space and need time in order to address the issue or situation. Mark and Gail helped us understand how to love our partner the way that works best for us. We ultimately learned the skills and ways to love each other best
— John Michael & Bianca
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Our wedding ceremony was beautifully officiated by Pastor Mark Smallcombe. While we stood in front of our friends and family Pastor Mark relayed details of our personal relationship including funny moments, our character, and the development of our love story. He was the most personal officiant we have ever seen, and we felt incredibly blessed to have him be a part of our wedding. He was able to engage our guests and made it memorable to everyone. This wedding felt different, not because it was our wedding, but mostly because there was so much energy and ministered by a life-giving individual. One of our friends spoke with us after the wedding and told us how she was moved to tears during the ceremony. Everything felt so authentic, and structured in a beautiful way were time felt like it truly stopped. Pastor Mark put time, care, and love in officiating our ceremony.
— John Michael & Bianca

Love. Happiness. Harmony.


We believe in you. We believe in rich, fulfilling relationships and joyful marriages that last a lifetime! Reach out today and let us walk alongside you to achieve the marriage you have always dreamed about!